Tuesday, February 23, 2010

서울시장: What are your favorite markets?

서울시장 (seoul shijang): Seoul Market

I'm gathering photos and working on a post about Seoul Markets right now. The city has hundreds of them. And a few are world famous.

I love market strolling and so I'm wondering about your favorites? Write about the markets you visit in the comments. And if you live outside of Seoul, tell us where we should go when we visit your town.

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Korean Rum Diary said...

In Daegu Seomun market (서문 시장) is the best known, and probably the best served market. I've only been there once or twice because it's so busy.

There are other markets - such as the black market - but I'm really not into shopping...

In Siji (where I live) there's a market that lines up along the streets every Thursday.