Monday, February 27, 2012

dagSounds: Burn Out Sessions, No 7

Right in the middle of my set, my landlord appeared with someone to check our gas lines. You'll notice I had to throw on a segment from another dj's mix to keep the session going while I assisted the woman from the gas company. Good set despite the interruption that forced me to alter the mood of it.

Burn Out Sessions No 7: Free Radicals (Via my dropbox and Cover Art & Playlist.)

  • Intro
  • Troyka "Early Morning"
  • Fuxa "At Your Leisure"
  • Spiritualized "D 857Hz (33 1/3 rpm)"
  • Kraftwerk "Geiger Counter & Radioactivity"
  • Faust "Mamie Is Blue"
  • Bowery Electric "Beat"
  • Galaxie 500 "Snowstorm"
  • Bongwater "The Porpoise Song"
  • Mercury Rev "Chasing A Bee"
  • Loop "Shot With A Diamond"
  • Boredoms "Cheeba"
  • ***
  • Small Change – segment from his Power of the LP set, WFMU. A Landlord Interruption. I put on Small Change to keep the session going while I was away from the computer.
  • ***
  • Department of Youth Services "Wolfpack"
  • The Freeze "I Hate Tourists"
  • The Futureheads "Park Inn"
  • Pere Ubu "The Fabulous Sequel"
  • Can "Mushroom"
  • Sonic Youth "Macbeth"
  • Butthole Surfers "Sea Ferring"
  • Outro

HCMC Cholon

HCMC Cholon, a set on Flickr.

HCMC Rooftop

HCMC rooftop

HCMC Rooftop, a set on Flickr.

Cambodia: Kampot Province

Cambodia: Kampot Province, a set on Flickr.