Monday, February 27, 2012

dagSounds: Burn Out Sessions & Torrents

Monday morning in Seoul and I’m setting up my equipment to record another Burn Out Sessions. I thought I’d post another list of my torrents and prior Burn Out Sessions. The Sessions are pretty good, I think, for the cheap means I have at my disposal to mimic a set from my small Seoul flat. I really do miss my turntables and records. The Sessions are more therapy than anything. Anyway, the sessions are glorified mixtapes in one track. Since I’ve stored my equipment, I figured I should learn my way around the software I’ve never used. I’ve written about it before…broken record.

The Burn Out Sessions:
The Torrents: (available here)
  • Pushead’s Top Hardcore albums of the 80s (Part Two) Thrasher
  • Pushead’s top Hardcore albums of the 80s (Part One) Thrasher
  • Back From The Grave (8vols LP & 5vols CD) Garage Punk on Crypt
  • Electrick Loosers Vols 1-4 (Prae-Kraut Krautrock 60s Beat)
  • Shake Some Action Vols 1-8 (Power Pop Compilation Series)
  • Powerpearls Vols 1-10 (Vinyl power pop series from late 90s)
  • DIY: Punk, Post-Punk, Power Pop: US & UK, 1975-1983 (9 Volumes)
  • Japrocksamplr :: Japanese Hard Rock, Psych, Freakout, Improvisation
  • Dead Moon (12 Albums) Garage Rock Garage Punk

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