Monday, November 7, 2011

DagSound: Burn Out Session, No5

DagSound: Burn Out Session, No5 
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  • DJ Pantshead “The Good, the Bad, the Freak”
  • Evolution Control Committee “No Time for Yes”
  • Beastie Boys “Cooky Puss”
  • UTFO “Split Personality”
  • Jungle Brothers “Because I Got It Like That”
  • Boogie Down Productions “My Philosophy”
  • Erik B & Rakim “Follow the Leader”
  • MC Lyte “Lyte as a Rock”
  • 3rd Bass “The Gas Face (feat Zev Luv X)”
  • A Tribe Called Quest “Excursions”
  • De La Soul “Bitties in the BK Lounge”
  • DJ Quick “Loked Out Hood”
  • Biz Markie “Just a Friend”
  • Big Daddy Kane “Smooth Operator”
  • Steady B “I Got Cha”
  • Salt N Peppa “My Mic Sounds Nice”
  • UTFO “Roxanne Roxanne”
  • Techmaster P.E.B. “Bassgasm”
  • GZA “0% Finance”
  • King Geedorah “Krazy World (Feat Gigan)”
  • Mos Def “Mathematics”
  • Wu-Tang Clan “Shame On a Nigga”
  • Dalek “Blessed are they who bash your children’s heads against a rock”
  • Dalek “No question”
  • De La Soul “Stakes is High”
  • DJ Pantshead “D’oh Yeah The Slurp”
  • Evolution Control Committee “Star Spangled Bologna”