Friday, February 19, 2010

Catholic Charities is now a Political Action Group no longer a Charity

Citing same-sex marriage bill, Washington Archdiocese ends foster-care program -

Well, so much for charities providing charity.

Good on Washington DC citizens and politicians refusing to cave to this nonsense. Another charity organization has stepped up to care for the 35 families Catholic Charities was servicing with the foster-care program.

The local government should investigate whether or not Catholic Charities has a right to receive $20 million a year in grants from the city. I doubt they have a right to such public funds as a result of their discriminatory practices.

Catholics are full of excuses for their Church's institutionalized bigotry. Catholic progressives better get with it. The last few years have shown the church regressing and solidifying its conservative cred. It's incredibly stupid, in my opinion. More interested in protecting the human institution than anything else.

I'm happy to see an American city telling them to get bent.

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