Thursday, February 18, 2010

dagTunes: Do Make Say Think in Seoul (V-Hall, Sunday, 2/21/10)

Do Make Say Think will be in Seoul this weekend. I'll be there, too. 비둘기우유 (Vidulgi Ooyoo) is opening up for them. Two great live bands! And, from what I've read, all 9 members of DMST will make the trip to Seoul.

I'm excited about this show because it's a change of pace for me. I'm usually all about the ska/early reggae & hardcore shows and clubs. Seoul actually has a diverse live scene.

It's just that it's so tempting to stay with What I Know and Where I Go. Know what I mean?

It's a little expensive, but I want to support the effort to bring good acts here. Here's link to the Korea Gig Guide calendar for the weekend.

Save money and visit the supercolorsuper web site to learn how to buy tickets in advance to save 10,000Won.

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