Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Tumblr Gay Republican Thinks We're All Stupid. Joke's on Him, I Guess.

Here's what "thegayrepublican" (tumblr blog) had to say about the above image:
This is the most stupid thing i have ever seen.

NO NO NO Gay Republican NO.

The GOP is using women, images of women, women's health, reproductive health, and other nasty feminist things as tools to cause a stir amongst its vocal minority the socially conservative far-right wing motivating them to picket, protest, hand out images of aborted fetuses, and scream and yell about the immoral left and feminism gone awry. This pisses off the activist left. Much social debate occurs, the media picks the story up and runs with it.

Meanwhile the GOP writes bills, riders, amendments, and lengthy, complex legislative proposals meant to cut the heart out of social welfare programs to cover its tax and regulatory reform for the wealthiest Americans and their corporations.

You're correct: it isn't a war on women. It's a war against the hardest working, most oppressed, most needy, youngest, oldest, and most deserving Americans using the images of women on behalf of the wealthiest, least needy Americans. It's a war on most of us, not women, making it a hateful and sexist culture war because it focuses on one aspect of women's rights when so much more is at stake. You'd have to be a crazy anti-woman zealot to believe the GOP is really out to get women; I mean, really want the GOP to defund something awesome like Planned Parenthood that helps so many for so little and to believe that is something good for the GOP to do, among other social reforms it's pushing.  But, you know, the GOP doesn't give a shit about women's rights, women's health, women's issues, and how these issues affect all of us.

In other words, the GOP uses women and specific health issues in a horrible and misleading fashion. Just like the Republican Party uses homosexuals. And I'm not just talking on holidays and airport restrooms, honk honk.

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