Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DagSound: Kill a K-Pop Fan For Rock and Roll

I love Korea. Love calling Seoul my home. Love my Korean family. But boy do I hate K-Pop. I made this to sum up my feelings about mindless, corporate Korean Pop and its fans as it and they destroy music one unimaginative, stupid single at a time.

Korea actually has a very cool Rock and Roll history. (There are posts about it in the DagSeoul and DagSound archives. You can find good stuff on the good links left on this old post about Korean Psych and Acid Folk. Some of the links are dead, unfortunately. If I had my turntables in Korea, I'd upload everything I've found.)  Some amazing artists. Even the old 노래 style is great compared to contemporary pop, which is actually little more than repackaged pop music from other places, sometimes simply plagiarized, accompanied by awfully boring lyrics, and mostly intended to sell junk Samsung, LG, Doosan, Kia and other corporations produce.

Manipulated Image produced from the wonderful Marty Perez "kill a punk for rock and roll" photo that was eventually used on the great Oblivians album, Popular Favorites. Love this photo. Perez took it at a Black Sabbath concert in Seattle, 1982. Sabbath was opening for Dio.)

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Pree-oz said...

can't stand kpop. it gets in your head, and not in a good way.