Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Solidarity: UNIDOS Take Over Tucson United School District Meeting

"Our education is under attack. What do we do? Fight back!"

Watch these amazing students stand up for their rights.

Write to the Tucson Unified School District :: You can watch the video and learn about the concerns students have. Maybe you can let the TUSD know what you think about it. Perfect time to email all politicians and superintendents and schools and board members. Much of their info is going to be online. Force them to respond to the kids' demands.

UNIDOS 10-point resolution on ethnic studies:
  1. We want our ethnic studies classes to continue to meeting core social science requirement;
  2. We want the repeal of HB 2281;
  3. We want ethnic studies programs to expand everywhere, from K-12 to university;
  4. We want no school turn-arounds, no school closures and full support for Rincon and Palo Verde high school communities;
  5. We want a TUSD governing board that is accountable and will stand up for all students;
  6. We want an equitable education for all;
  7. We want an immediate end to all racist, anti-immigrant, anti-indigenous policies;
  8. We want full compliance with our civil and human rights;
  9. We want Attorney General Tom Horne, state Superintendent John Huppenthal and Governor Jan Brewer immediately removed from power;
  10. We want local control of our education.
Vote on Future of TUSD Ethnic Studies Rescheduled for May 5th.

The kids united will never be divided.

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