Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rangers Fan Organizations Support Sectarianism

Love how Rangers fan organizations draw a false equivalency between rebel songs (Celtic fans sing) and sectarian songs (Rangers fans sing). The comparison shows how inconsiderate and disrespectful they are about people's right to sing songs about their history as opposed to permitting white, protestant fans to sing songs about hating non-whites, non-Protestants, non-citizens of the UK.

This article does a good job of illustrating why it is not sectarian to sing about the IRA. Even so, it's too legalistic for my tastes. The fact is that there are truly few pro-IRA "rebel" songs that are in spirit and fact sectarian. Very few. I think I can count them on my hand. And there's only one that Celtic fans ever sing. It's been banned and most fans honor it. The fact is that Rangers fans singing sectarian songs is *the* problem.

I had to post this note on my blog because some Rangers fans have complained to Facebook that it contains offensive material. See, for Rangers fans, having to face reality and clean up their act, which means ejecting the hateful bigots from their fan base is considered offensive. They are hypocrites. They support sectarianism.

Until the fan groups stand up to the bigots, eject them, publicly denounce them, and stop blaming Celtic fans and players for the problem, there is no responsible choice but to continue calling the Rangers organizations out for who they are.

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