Monday, December 6, 2010

Things Foreigners Do in Korea That They Aren't Aware They Do

Use KOREA and KOREAN as pejoratives.

It's a patronizing, paternalistic and lazy way to criticize and complain. Don't do it. You have a problem as a teacher? Don't address the issue vis a vis Korea. Why not take a stab at doing the critical work necessary to actually attempt to solve the problem?

Korea's full of haters; 50% of them are foreign teachers.


Anonymous said...

Just to be devil's advocate, I don't know where you get 50% from. Personally, I don't hate Korea or Koreans. I do hate the mindset and the "lack of common sense" that seems to run wild here. If it isn't written in a book, they apparently don't know what to do.

In saying this, however, I think most of the racism, prejudice, and "pejorative-ness" come mostly from the Koreans themselves. Not only do many of them not like foreigners, ie. those damn Americans (anybody white MUST be American), but they also hate Koreans that are not from Korea.

Who's hating now?

Gary Norris said...

hey look, an anonymous and racist, white troll. go figure.