Monday, March 22, 2010

Angry White Male 101

All the high points of white guy hysteria are covered in this comment. 1) The promise that it's the last you'll hear from him, which is never true; 2) Mocking people who disagree with him; 3) Claiming that people are jealous of him; 4) Claiming he knows so many nonwhite people that it has to prove he's not a pig; 5) Making everything anyone says that he disagrees with soley about making him look like an idiot.

My favorite part, though, is all the bragging about living in the Bronx. Classic stuff.

Cheers, Brian. Come back anytime. The six of us will cherish the memories of that time you showed everybody just what's what.

Brian From The Bronx
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Brian from the Bronx:


this is my last post, cuz I know by getting pissy on your forum its only benefiting you and the 5 disgruntled gyopo haters who read it.

jinbahgi & praise : boo fucking hoo, you got ripped on in high school for be asian. Get a fucking grip.

Jinbahji : All that shit about white people coming to korea for women, or whatever.... ummmm... look at your boy Gary? what race is his hypersensitive girlfriend? Trust me, nobody needs to move to korea to get a korean girlfriend, how do i know u ask? I met my girl, who happens to be asian, 5 blocks from my apt here in NY. So shut the fuck up and dont hate people cuz they get laid. ALSO, Praise,...Don't tell me that cuz Im white i know what its like to be the majority or whatever the fuck that shit is you(whoever the fuck u r) was babbling about. Comes to Kingsbridge road in the Bronx, nyc, and tell me im a majority here. yea, ur retarded. Shut up.

Gary, I dont know who the fuck u think u are, "making an example of me" but in reality, your a spineless tit. Continue trying to reveal the "oppressive" and "racist" nature of white people. You're making urself look like a fucking clown.

If u had any fucking consideration for anyone, namely me, who did absolutely nothing wrong to anyone you would take this video down because its very demeaning, and very poisonous.

aite, morons, peace

James and Ross, im sorry i went off like this, but seriously, even tho i know im probably not the first to tell them. theyre fucking complete wankers.


Gary Norris said...

Of course, now I know why I was criticized for attacking easy targets.

jinbahji said...

Hilarity at its best.

1) White guy in his early 20's claiming he "understands" what is like to be a minority in the US. If you were from an urban area without a "privileged" background, honestly, you still don't know so take your shoe out of your mouth.

2) I don't mind the personal jabs because I'm not even pretending to understand what its like to white. And I could never say I do know for this simple fact: I'M NOT. And I would never pretend to. Period. (Not to say you mofo's got a lot to complain about but I'll save that for another time.)

3) Seriously, I was not in disagreement about everything. I just had my own take on all the madness. Yet, I do feel bad because white people are blamed for all ills in American society and I think that's straight up unfair. People need scapegoats in life, and white men usually get the brunt of it.

Plus, you guys in the video are young. Seriously I'm hitting my mid-thirties soon and I could give a fat rat's ass when it comes down to it. I've done much worse. Believe me.

4) It's all in good fun, though you did make yourself look like a REAL ass, not with the video but with your not-so-well-thought-out responses.

With Asian Love,

Jinbahji ;)

Gary Norris said...

Yeh, well what's blown out of proportion (and only one or two people have dealth with) is the fact that my point about the video is not that white people are racist, it's that white people accept without criticism the position of privilege that permits them to interpret what is and isn't perceived racist.

in other words, i knew that posting the video would cause trouble. and i knew that nobody would deal with my post but, instead, claim I was calling people racist. nobody was called a racist. the process of presenting the video and how it--the video--now presents the white folks & the asians within it is what i said is racist.

now my point is provocative. but it's not mean, rude, disturbing.

Brian's response, I think, is meant to be funny. He's purposefully mispelling and using affectations to attempt to get somebody to say he's a racist white boy. his silly attempts will not get me to take down my post about him and his friends and it won't get me to call him a racist.

but blaming white people? don't feel too bad for him. he's apparently not led a very difficult life from the background I've dug up on him, he's your classic privileged American who's pissed off because he's realized he isn't in control of a situation he so badly wants to define.

Pree-oz said...

Uh, white people aren't *really* blamed for anything. they do the blaming. i don't hate individual white people, or even white people as a whole. any group of people in power are terrible. but in most of the western world... i guess it's all about perspective, huh.