Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hardcore Seoul: Positive Community Experience (PCE)

So far so good. The Seoul Hardcore/Punk scene seems to be healthy.

The expat crowd whines about it on the message boards. But I find this to be an American Obsession: Scene Health. Scene Health is typically lamented, especially within outsider communities. Anyway, it took me maybe one set to tire of the Army Skinheads Posing as Hardcore Kids scene. It didn't come as a surprise to me when one guy took off his shirt to reveal a pistol tattoo above his belly and some reference to God & Country in text above or below, I cannot remember, the image. He kept making comments about Mexicans.

I have learned, by the way, to ignore the expat crowd and its advice. I know there are many great expats here who are living in Korea and contributing to life here in a positive manner, but many of the teachers, mostly private school folks, are complete bores and professional whiners.

I have two friends here, who I never get to see. Sad. Emily. Vanya. I am sorry I don't live nearer to both of you.

I was told that it would be difficult to get to now Koreans. WRONG. In fact, Koreans have taken me in and look out for me and seem to expect that I will continue to participate in daily life here becoming more Korean with every new experience.

I like the Korean fighting spirit. It is hardcore. And like the kids stage-diving and climbing on top of each other and hugging and holding hands at the Have Heart show last week (The Spot, Hongdae, 9.27.2008,) the men and women I am wandering around Seoul with are very attentive to cultivating a Positive Community Experience (PCE).

Korea has its problems. For example, do not get me started about the sexism.

I am certain to post more about PCE. Right now, I want to post photos from the show and then go to the bath.

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Clifford said...

awesome. glad to to see someone as excited on the seoul hardcore community as much as i am. cliff