Tuesday, September 23, 2008

limited internet access

If you've been attempting to read about my Seoul adventures, I apologize for the lack of posting during my first ten days here.  I have little to no Internet access at the moment, and for another week to ten days.

Until then, here's a quick summary:
  • I have 2o sections of English classes at Samsung High School.  800 students.  They all think I am swell; they're shy; they're wonderful.  I love the school I am at.  I am the first foreign teacher and they are treating me extremely well.
  • The recruiting agency that brought me to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (which brought me to Seoul) screwed me and I am being paid 50% less than I should be paid this first month.  Not worth bitching too much about it since I am well paid and will only suffer this first paycheck.  Some teachers come to Korea and end up in far worse situations than partial pay for their first month in town.
  • I play soccer with my students and have played with a local club team.  Games are played on hard-packed sandlots.  Very challenging.  But I am a skilled player at my position and it appears I am welcome to play for many of the clubs in my district.
  • Because I can hike, play soccer, and teach in Gwanak-gu, I have yet to really explore Seoul.  On the other hand (unlike many foreign teachers,) I have been able to fully immerse myself in Korean culture.  Not that most teachers don't want to be here, but most teachers do spend much free time with other English-speaking foreigners and in the foreigner-centered districts in Seoul.  My teaching and sports schedule has me hanging with Koreans almost everyday and evening.  I am hoping this will help me excel at Korean language study.
  • I like the neighborhood I live in.  Sillim-dong is filled with students both university and those studying at law school prep academies.  Plenty of young, active people.
  • A good sauna (sow-na, is how the Koreans pronounce it) is just down the street.  Nothing like a Korean public bath after a hard day working.
just a few notes.  i am leaving for home.  soon i will be posting daily and uploading photos.

until then...

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